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    Revolution: 1979-1999

    From Rooz-haaye aatash, rooz-haaye khoon: gozaaresh-e msavvari az piroozi-ye enqelaab-e eslaami-ye iran
    Compiled by Karim Emami, Zamineh Publishers, Tehran, 1979
    Thanks to H.M.


    O mojahed sister,

    Congratulations on your martyrdom!


    Today is like noon-time during Ashoora,

    Today the Shah has become disgraced!


    I will not rest, I will give my life

    Until I revenge the blood of our martyr!


    No compromise, no humiliation;

    Victory or martyrdom!


    With Khomeini's efforts, (Mohammad Reza Shah) Pahlavi has gone into exile;

    The pharaoh of the 20th century has settled in Egypt!


    The Shah has gone into exile;

    SAVAK (secret service) has been orphaned!


    The Shah has escaped;

    He has (escaped) in a waggon!


    We don't want the Shah or Shapour (Bakhtiar);

    Damn both traitors!


    After the Shah it will be America's turn!


    Ultimate victory

    Will come with the expulsion of Americans!

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