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    Revolution: 1979-1999

    From Rooz-haaye aatash, rooz-haaye khoon: gozaaresh-e msavvari az piroozi-ye enqelaab-e eslaami-ye iran
    Compiled by Karim Emami, Zamineh Publishers, Tehran, 1979
    Thanks to H.M.


    Army soldiers are our brothers;

    Khomeini is our leader!


    My dear leader has returned from his voyage;

    The air smells of flowers; Sussan and Yassaman!


    Peace be upon Mohammad;

    Welcome, our leader!


    Khomeini, Khomeini: May God protect you;

    May your bloodthirsty enemy die, die!


    The only path of liberation

    Is armed struggle;

    The only path to prosperity

    Is faith, Jihad and martyrdom!


    Workers, peasants, toilers;
    O nation: Unite, unite, unite;

    We will unite
    We will unite
    To uproot exploitation
    To uproot colonialism;

    Greetings , greetings, greetings to Khomeini

    Greetings , greetings, greetings to Fadaee!


    Bakhtiar's cabinet must be destroyed;

    Air force personnel must be freed;

    No to the constitution;

    No to political compromise!


    We are all your soldiers, o Khomeini!

    We are your army, your devotees, o Khomeini!

    We are waiting to hear your orders, o Khomeini!


    If Khomeini orders me to wage Jihad

    Cannons and machine guns will not stop me!


    Greetings to Khomeini, leader of the free;

    Hail to Air force personnel; the defenders of the poor!


    The prime minister of the nation is Bazargan, Bazargan

    The source of humiliation and hatred is Bakhtiar, Bakhtiar!


    Khomeini's commands are as dear as our life;

    The prime minister of Iran is Mehdi Bazargan!


    Greetings to Khomeini

    Hail to Bazargan!

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