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I hiked to the village of these Masaii tribesman. We hiked all day and chased zebra through the brush.

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A small piece of the world
Nine-month adventure through 11 countries in three continents

By Neema Moraveji
January 16, 2002
The Iranian

This week: Kenya

From Madrid, I flew to Kenya and stayed there for two weeks. I fell in love with Africa instantly. The people were so kind and welcoming and interested in learning about me. In Nairobi, I made a friend in a movie theater and he took me to a local bar and dance club where I met and talked with other Kenyans.

I went on a ten-day camping safari and ended up with a life-altering experience: I asked a Masaii tribesman if I could stay in his hut for the night and he accepted. That night changed my life; it changed my view of humanity and the idea of the global village.

After the safari, my view on animals changed as well: they are far more intelligent and complex than I gave them credit for. And I was an animal lover before the safari as well! From Kenya, I flew back to Spain and then bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

Come back next week for part II: Touring northern Thailand by motorcycle and visiting the backpacker pilgrimage island of Ko Phan Ngan.
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