Above all Massud Alemi is a dreamer; an optimist who believes in the goodness of people, the silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel. He continues to be an optimist despite the examples to the contrary experience has time and again offered, that there are some who aren't so good, that the silver is actually tin and that the light may be that of an incoming train.

In a few decades that he has managed to be with us on this planet, Massud Alemi has learned a few things, or has learned to fake his way through them. Either way he has come to love doing them, and of all the things he has linked himself to, he has drawn the most pleasure out of writing. He loves nothing more than writing, extracting lessons out of rudimentary observations, making a point or making fun, or if neither is possible, making a general ass of himself, which he has done so many times it is not even funny anymore. Besides writing, he loves his family and he loves America. He loves America like he loves his mother; cannot stand her being criticized by anyone, for any reason.

He offers his apologies beforehand for breaking anyone's heart or bubble by being rude, harsh, insensitive, judgmental. He likes to think that time and experience are the two essential elements that will exonerate him, if he makes it through to the other end.

He can be reached at malemi@yahoo.com