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Iranian phone bill showing a customer being charged for "supporting Gaza". Does anyone know how much the actual charge is?


05/03/2009 - 23:02

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anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

can you show me these photos of headless children?  please either post here or forward to my personal email.  i mean, since you obviously have access to them and all.  i find it amazing what iranians in iran actually have access to!  these photos that you personally know exist because you've seen them of course.  but not youtube....  hmmm... interesting.

now.  what i DO know was available was the beheading of many innocent US journalists.  but i guess they don't count to you.


Yes farokh2000

by Abarmard on

You are right. I am under the assumption that this was a volunteer act rather than just done and billed by some charity organization. If that's the case, you are correct and this is comical otherwise I don't see anything wrong with it.


Do they have a choice?

by farokh2000 on

Looks to me like you should have a choice of donating or not.

Here it is on your bill, like it or not!?

I do feel pain for all the sufferings of the abused people around the World, but at the same time, I have to weigh my own choices, not have someone else choose for me, no?


Ebi Jaan

by Abarmard on

Many people in Iran cried a lot seeing the images of headless children. It's not easy to be aware and not care. Why do you think the US never shows the true images of Iraq or Palestine?

You are thinking how much the individual might have helped ghazeh victims? The more the better. Perhaps not much but that's more than my share.


arab relative

by khoram din (not verified) on

ween arab muscleman oqupied Iran 1400 years ago they had berate moor arabs to settle in cities of Iran to be come Iranian! like turks-mongol=gajar -Iran is a Arian civilisation But in hands of islam of semitic culture.


Nice catch

by wow (not verified) on

Would "Sandoogheh Post sowtee" be more accurate?

Ali P.

"Sandoogheh sowtee"

by Ali P. on


LOL...what a great term! I was dying to come up with a Persian word for "voice mail".