Ultimate Sacrifice

Should Prince Reza Pahlavi, heir to the throne, make the ultimate
personalsacrifice and abdicate to be the leader of the Iranian
opposition inside and outside Iran?
06/08/2012 - 02:04


If Lady Iran,

by CallmeRed on

is a BIMBO as drawn in this picture, she will definitely accept the crown. what would you expect from a bimbo after all?


Freedom To Choose Is Always Lady Irans

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Late Shah made this clear publicly and privately, that the people if they are not happy with a King or a system are Free to kick either the king or the System or both out, just like his fathers supporters did to the Qajars.  This is why he wisely never gave orders or permission for any one to fire on protestors and do everything humanly possible short of shooting anyone. 

Today the Issue is that Lady Iran is forced to wear a Chador against her will, Her people are experiencing one of the highest rates of Repression done by a Tyranny on people in the world, with the highest execution rate per person of any government on earth. 

Our intellectuals as you know helped play a key part in this deadly deceit on many Iranians who today are victims of their activities.

What this cartoon helps us all with is noticing all the things that are said and not said in comparison to reality and to reflect on it. 

If we are far sighted, unlke 1979, We need to ALL be united along side the leadership of his majesty Reza Pahlavi, regardless of our political preferences, because he has made abosultely clear, that his goal is to unite Iranians against the IRI in order to remove the IRI & to give Lady Iran the Freedom to choose once again.  Because he has accepted that he will accept any choice made by Lady iran, he has effectively made your point mute.

It is no one right to remove a legitimate, freedom bringing and honest choice from Lady Iran this is what the IRI have stolen from her and His Majesty would be ill advised to do the same as them.

So uniting along side his majestys call is not the same as agreeing with monarchy, it is saying you Agree with the peoples right to free and fair elections to determine their own destiny.  It is obvious to all that at this point our views/beliefs mean nothing as we have no way of discussing them freely with Iranians in Iran or excercising a free choice.

His Majestys only goal is to see a free and fair election with UN assistance for Lady Iran, he wishes to give her the choice she does not have right now.  It is up to us. lady iran, to decide whether or not we want his majesty to have other goals in the future for Iranians once we finally have we have the freedom to choose which we don't have right now.

Going to the pub, see you all later have a good night.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Angalphil: Reza nim-pahlavi is as "trustworthy" as you and ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... Amirvizviz, Drazgosh and other Shahollahi retards.

However, I am ready to spare your nim-pahlavi, if you stfu.


آخرین بیانیه مطبوعاتی رضا پهلوی: قصیده ی در نظم



آخرین بیانیه مطبوعاتی از "اسپرم طلایی" در نظم


اسپرم نمادتان منم من/ /هم شاه و نهادتان منم من/ من نطفه سایه خدایم /معبود و خدایتان منم من/ از چیز پدر چکیده م من/ آن فر همایتان منم من/ سر رفته ام از نهاد بابا/ در حلق و دهانتان منم من/ از بیضه بیامد اعتبارم/ اندر ته فهمتان منم من اسپرم ذکور تخم شاهم/ هم منطق و درک تان منم  من اینست اساس پادشاهی/ هم اصل و اساس تان منم من من صدر نشین نطفه هایم /آن تخت نشینتان منم من در معرکه عوام بدبخت/ بنشسته کمینتان منم من/ من نطفه نماد اولینم /راضی و رضایتان منم من/ از بین هزار و صد هزاران/ اسپرم طلایتان منم من من تخمه تخم پادشاهم/ تاج سر کله تان  منم من بع   بع کنید گوسفندان/ سلطان و شبانتان منم من/ تا خیل خران در این دیارند/ بر پشت سوارتان منم من/ نوکر صفتی چو درد باشد// 

/شافی و شفایتان منم من



Freedom belongs to Lady Iran regardless

by religionoutofgovernment on

The premise of this sketch is INCORRECT. The crown already belongs to lady Iran and no one else. It is not for RP to hand it to Lady Iran!. In fact, he knows and admits this fact, hence, leaving the political future of Iran and a possible monarchy to a future referendum. The blogger is the one who wants to take options away from the people of Iran. I am not a monarchist but believe in the freedom to choose. She is the one who wants to take away the crown from Lady Iran. 

Of course the blogger is not the only one with non-democratic agenda. The monarchists who believe in an inherent power of a monarch and the reds who still dream of shoving their communist nightmare down the throat of Lady Iran are are worse!  



How crass....

by CallmeRed on

جالبه که خود رضا پهلوی به اندازه شاه پرستان اصرار نداره که شاهزاده خطابش کنند!! (شاید هم ازمادرش باهوش تره و این رو ابراز نمی کنه)- به هرحال اگر دری به تخته ای خورد، و با امداد های غیبی ، حکومت ایران سرنگون شد، البته که ایشون میتونه یکی ازکاندیداهای ریاست جمهوری آینده ایران باشه، و چرا نه؟‌ حتی ممکنه با رای شاه پرستان - که به نظر میاد اکثریت یا به عبارت دیگر عامه مردم هستند-  چند سالی رییس جمهور بشه که اقلا آرزوی ریاست برکشور و استفاده از بقیه منابع مالی کشور رو به گور نبره!!ا کسانی که خیال می کنند این آقا و خانواده ش فقط ۶۰ میلیون دلار ازایران خارج کردند و بعد رضا پهلوی میاد عین این مبلغ رو درمصاحبه اعلام میکنه-خیلی خوش خیال و ساده لوحند. ۳۲ ساله که با ۶۰ میلیون دلار دارن زندگی میکنن اهل و عیال، اون هم با سبک زندگی خانم شهبانو؟؟ ‌ 


حالا دوستان بالا غیرتاً


 مگه  این شاهزاده رضا چه هیزم تری به شما فروخته؟


میخواد کمک کنه این آب و خاکی کی‌ رو که شما اینقدر به سهل و سادگی‌ از دست دادین بهتون برگردونه. بد کاری میکنه؟ جون خودشو و خانوادش هم خیلی بیشتر در خطر هست تا جون من و شما. آخه بابا یه رحمی، یه انصافی. من و اربابای انگلیسیم ضمانت می‌کنیم که اگه شما اینقدر سر به سر شاهزاده رضا نگذارید ما هم دیگه دست مصدق و خاندان امینی را رو نکنیم. قبوله؟  بزنید قدش!

عصر جمعه شد و وقت میگساری. رفتم که به سلامتی همه دوستان گیلاسی بزنیم. یا حق علی‌ مدد!!


'Facebook' turned to 'Fecesbook'

by Demo on

Posting of such obnoxious 'drawing' & of anything in support of Mirza Reza turns the Facebook to the Fecesbook indeed!


battle of facebook!

by mousa67 on


'having a facebook account is the main key to victory'


Leave the "Golden Boy" alone

by Zendanian on

What  all of you don't understand is that he is a "special product1" And if you don't belive me just watch this video, cheers

Golden Sperm

 اسپرم طلایی



Asdola jan I knew you would identify with your ancestral tribe:

by anglophile on


 ... gang of rapists with miniscule phallus


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Anglophile exposing his "love" of Iran and his Oedipus complex!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"Lady Iran

... lost her virginity to Cyrus ... then bethrothed many monarchs ... forcefully married to the Macedonian.

... Seleucids became her "mohallel" ... marrying into the Ashkanids ... bedded the Sassanid ... last Sassanid couldn't "get it up" ...

... was assaulted and "gang-raped" by a bunch of sex-deprived Arabs ... until another gang of rapists with miniscule phallus ..."


Doesn't he already claim that he is Mr. Pahlavi?

by MM on

And, that he is only interested in restoring democracy in Iran?

Esfand Aashena

Prince Chubby an elf?! He's flirting extra curricular activity?!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

First Amendment


by First Amendment on




بیچاره ایران خانوم اگه یه بزرگتر درست حسابی‌ داشت، بهش میگفت که "گول این پسره عقب‌افتاده و اون خانواده "زخم خورده" شو نخور"....

Darius Kadivar

Speaking of tolerance might as well practice what you preach ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I wouldn't call your depiction of another fully accountable contributor Hossein Bagher Zadeh as very polite either ...


Eternal Darkness of the Fossil Minds by Azadeh Azad

Darius Kadivar

I deleted Nothing You Did ...and I reiterate Porooi

by Darius Kadivar on

I deleted Nothing You Did ...or the Admin did ( because the video on the fallen Heroes and Royal Martyrs was embedded) or someone who shared your opinion and wants to protect or defend you ... What do I know or care ?


I never Flag or delete people who criticize me regardless how harsh and how often Oh Yes How often with profanity from Day One on this Website.


You folks have ALL the media outlets on your side ranging from online magazines to BBC PErsian and Lobbyists on Capitol Hill. 

We just have our keyboards to keep the flame in which we believe in alive in order to speak for the voiceless:

BROKEN RECORD: Woman on IRI TV “We're Only good at shouting slogans since Shah Left”

And each time I will have the opportunity to do so I will use my freedom of expression. 

You Jomhurykhahs are entitled to be subversive but we can't ?

Just look at how your likeminds attacked this blog or any creative blog in association with Royalty:  


ROYAL HOLLOWEEN: Shahbanou Farah Meets Sir Christopher Lee ;0)


I don't mind as long as I can respond back ! 


The fact of the matter is that You Can't Hold your Sanghar because you have No argument ...

Just Complaints :

COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0)  


As if we did not have similar reasons over the years to be offended ?

MY ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE: Flagging Abuse based on Political Correctness is Not Fair

FRom being called a Crowned Cannibal by your Jomhurykhah Constituency to French Poodle to Nokar ( as anglophile) because we disagree with your biased presentation not just of the Monarchy but what you claim is democratically legitimate and what isn't.

Never saw any of you folks come to my rescue or that of my brother who left this website long ago seeing how intolerant people were.

Well I'm not my Brother !

I Won't Surrender ... 


Nor has he but went on focusing his energy, creative and positive spirit elsewhere.  


In a public forum when you express yourself you are also addressing a crowd not just your own 'innocent' self.

The outlook you share is not merely yours but also that of your likeminds.


If through your public persona  you endorse a certain political or ideological outlook then take your intellectual responsibility also for all those who share that opinion for after all THAT IS EXACTLY what you accuse us of not doing by charicaturely boiling us to Shahollahis or 'Fanatics'.

Some Nerve ! 

For someone who has been following my writings you should know better that unlike your Jomhurykhah Constituency I have never escaped accountibilty for what I believe in. Nor shyed away from any debate on the most controversial issues related to the Pahlavi Dynasty's legacy.

I'm not a Pahlavist  ...

I'm a Monarchist Period who considers the Pahlavi Dynasty as Legitimate !

and if you ever bothered reading my blogs and comments I  have thouroughly written and explained why !

So I won't accept by your likes to be reduced to a "fanatic" merely because You think you are more democratic than I am.

Take responsibility for your Beliefs ! It's your Political Family after all.

Being held accountable for your past or present choices doesn't equate accusing YOU that is the individual of the slightest crime !

It merely means go all the way "au fond de ta pensée" but don't expect not to be contradicted in turn.

You don't want to call him Prince ... Fine ... You feel the Monarchy is undemocratic Fine ...

But don't try to explain a concept you clearly don't understand or pretend not to undersand:


ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican


nor understand the reasons why we insist on that title for the man we consider today historically embodies that institution which we would like to see restored in our country but in the form of a Parliamentary Democracy like in most European Monarchies today which rate above many current Republic in terms of their democratic index:


Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index 2010



That is my point.


Otherwise That people in my constituency like those folks running some Cheap LA TV think otherwise is there problem not mine but I don't despise them for they too have the right to be heard.  



Otherwise might as well keep your opinions to yourself and not publish at all.



That's what differentiate's an Accountable Intellectual and one who merely hides behind the argument that he or she was hurt by a comment that displeased her. 

When we criticize you it is for your ideas not who you as an individual are.


What do I care if you live on a lake in Canada and are enjoying yourself ? Paint the landscape and share it as a pure work of art if you want. But don't expect to publish a Caricature or even work of art which implies a political and ideological statement and not get a response.


It's not my fault if Your EGO gets in the way and makes you feel offended. 

It's Your Blog Here Not Mine ... 


As for the Shah's attitude towards the Intelligensia regardless of their gender ...


Well He was Right to distrust them.


For they even made a career out of their pseudo 'victimization':


Shahrnush Parsipur: "I was Never Physically Tortured by the SAVAK" 


DEATH - VERTISING ? Mehrangiz Kar Claims Husband was No More a Monarchist


Particularly When One sees the level of their hypocrisy and lack of personal accountibility 3 decades On  ...


DOWNTON ABBEY: Ebrahim Golestan "Vomits" on Shah's Coronation & calls Ferdowsi a 'Racist'


Constitutionalist's Critics of Shamlou's deemed 'Insults' towards Ferdowsi's Shahnameh 



Shadi Sadre's Rebuttal of Massoud Behnoud's Endorsement of IRI Constitution




But then expect accountibility from us ? ...


My Facebook page is Open to You and your likeminds any day you like to come and criticize me or contradict me !

I have even met some people on IC who absolutely don't share my views because I have nothing against them.

My discourse is with their ideology at worst ...  not who they are or what they do in life. 



If not Tant pis !  




Ma liberté de penser


A laquelle  j'ajouterais la Liberté d'Aimer ou ne pas Aimer ! 


Good Day !


Lady Iran is : Aroose Hezaar Daamaad

by anglophile on

She lost her virginity to Cyrus whom she subsequently married then as a widow bethrothed many subsequent monarchs until she was forcefully married to the Macedonian.


Then the Seleucids became her "mohallel", regained her dignity, initially by marrying into the Ashkanids (save Ashk dovvom!!)  but blossomed to her full glory when she bedded the Sassanid kings. Her last Sassanid espouse couldn't "get it up" properly.


Poor Lady Iran, was assaulted and "gang-raped" by a bunch of sex-deprived Arabs. Thereafter it followed a few hundred years of serial temporary bethrothals, better known as "sigheh", until another gang of rapists with miniscule phallus from the Steppe arrived. Afterwards she went through a series of short-lived arranged marriages mostly to the an-Iranian tribal chiefs, many of them decendants the miniscule phallus rapists including the last one them who after groping her for a while left her for the whores of Europe.


Then there was a glorious breakthrough
. A towering figure from the noblest northern province of Mazandran, like a Knight in shining armour, whisked her off her feet, returned her former glory to her and placed her on the throne where she rightfully belonged. His son contninued with his father's mission, honoured her, celebrated 2500 years of her glorious life and broadcast it to the world. But world couldn't take it. They despatched another gang of sex-deprived Arab rapists to assault and have her gang-raped again. This time Lady Iran embraced her chief rapist and even saw his picture on the Moon! But she has been regretting her folly to this day.


Now another Prince
, the grandson of that noble Knight in the shining armour is about to save her again but the coalition of the Arab rapists and the groping, whore loving decendants of the miniscule phallus tribe are still at work to rape and assualt the Lady.


Down with the Arab rapists and their miniscule phallus partners. 



Darius Kadivar

Oh and didn't know calling you Jomhurykhah Poroo was profanity

by Darius Kadivar on

Here is my Answer to Azadeh who faithful to her self Righteous 'Boldness' unfriended me on Facebook because she can't tolerate an intellectual discourse:


Oh and The "Logical" Argument is Here ... They have a Voice Too ... 

BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

No One in the end of the day votes merely with their Mind but also with their Heart including in all Democratic Nations …

After all you just claimed metaphorically through your not so innocent Cartoon to speak in the name of ALL Iranians symbolically by already dismissing the other gender …

So don’t hide behind the false argument that You are tolérant and I or people of our Constituency aren’t …

You want Respect then Respect Our Constituency !

Besides If you want another metaphor to complete your Iran 

Here is Mine … Or Rather Simine Behbahani’s : 

Vatan (Simin Behbahani & Dariush)



But do feel free to flag me and Live in Denial as you and your constituency always have for the past 3 decades ...


MONARCHY MATTERS: Khosro Fravahar say’s Iranian Jomhurykahs live in denial


I take Being Called a "Fanatic" by Your Lot via Facebook as a Compliment ! 




Darius Kadivar

Your 'Lady' Iran called Farrokhro Parsa a 'Whore' & Killed Her

by Darius Kadivar on

A Women for All Seasons : Farokhroo Pārsā (1922-1980)


The last your 'Lady' Iran can do is Apologize For her Poor Choice:


iran- khomeyni hichi!! - YouTube


instead of washing her own responsibility for putting the Hijab on her head and Shouting Marg Bar Shah only to complain two months later that she was duped by Khomeiny ...


Iranian Women Protest Against Islamic Law (1979)


and then 3 decades later continues LYING to the young Generation by Claiming that they have absolutely no responsibility in their own sister's Misery just like Ponce Pilate washing your own Not So Guilty Consicence for all the pain YOUR POOR CHOICE has inflicted on them.






Nice Art Work nevetheless ! 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

"Abdicate" what? He isn't even Shah of a deck of playing cards!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Thanks god that so many degenerate retards are also monarchists.


All Oppression Creates a

by vildemose on

If I were him I would do this simply for selfish reasons not a sacrifice.  If he were to give up the crown he will be lauded by both friends and foes

He will have the adoration of future generation of Iranians and if he were able to unify the opposition he would be respected and praised more than any future president or leader.

Just Imagine dear king to have the chance and to be able to liberate a nation from the bloody claws of evil.

Is being a king more honorable or  being a liberator/savior of your people??

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Azadeh khanum interesting.

by Albaloo on

It would be very kind of him. 


Dear AA, very nice! You are very talented!


Yes! Israel will support Reza Pahlavi no matter what Iranians decide in the form of the future political system they prefer and the role his majesty will fulfill! As an Iranian-Israeli-American, I have always supported this wonderful and patriotic man!

May lord Moses bless HIM Reza Pahlavi.

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D.

iraj khan

without the 'caption'

by iraj khan on

your political cartoon has the opposit effect.

It look as if 'Iran' has accepted Reza Pahlavi and wants to 'marry' him.

An unlikely scenario, with caption or without. 



by Bavafa on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



این هم تست عشق واقعی است هم صداقت و هم هوش:



آیا رضا پهلوی قادر است از این آزمون  سربلند بیرون آید؟     





Outstanding. thanks. All

by vildemose on

Outstanding. thanks.

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Darius Kadivar

Ain't a Sacrifice merely a natural & logical transmission ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ایران خانم رای ما را دارد.

با سپاس از آزاده خانم جان .