Freedom of speech


This cartoon is based on the following Iranian expression.

A dog becomes a lion in front of its master's house.

I believe Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia University, revealed such boot licking character of himself when affronted an invited guest. And those who cheered for his malicious insults are nothing more than brainless cowards.

10/02/2007 - 15:16

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Because if arabs are

by L (not verified) on

Because if arabs are "Semitic" then I'm the Chinese Emperor. I trust me I'm not. And frankly I don't understand what all non-arab muslims are proud of: long time ago the arabs killed their men, raped all their women from 3 to 73 years old and this way "converted" them to the "religion of [deadly] peace"


The Fair Judge

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

You did a great job, you are soooooo right they should have backed and showed some clips of police brutality (in iran) on that day of avaleen nejad's visit to the university and then ask him about gays ,women,humain rights,teachers and professors at universities and all tortures etc etc at the beginning of every single questions .
But you know what?..... WE the iranians are not united whatsoever we are bunch of khoshgozaran(superficial) and poooul parast(money hungry) va shahvatran(Horny) thats all we are lets face ir bro.


Amir is the best

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Amir jaan great job man i loved your comments YOU ARE THE BEST bro U R


Anti.. +

by Farhad-i (not verified) on

i just checked out this site //
And found some information about Spanish Inquistion. They didnt used Anti semetic for kiling judes / muslims. Actually the first person who was against judes ( cause of race ) was Hitler. Aryan against juwish. Hitler in his book have noticed judes not semetic. (not aryan blood). He has with explaind why he was againt judes, which was rasistic. I dont think this would be correct to use anti semetic for Arabs!!cause they are semetic too! but in europe the media has done it many times, like judes and european has the same race and arabs not! And now we iranian ( aryan ) seems to belong arabs ( semetic ), and judes ( semetic ) belong european ( aryan ) and noone says anything!



by Farhad-i (not verified) on

Dear P & R, thanks for the information. But i stil wonder why anti semetic is using for juwish when the big number in thie race "semetic" are Arabs? Why we cant use Anti semetic against Arabs? would it be wrong?
I havnet found any prove in european literature about anti semetic before WWII. After world wide II this term have been using alot in western media.
How can i use " Anti indo-european " agains iranian and not other nations? In this case juwish would be anti semetic because they are against arabs!
When we talk about semetic we ( media ) use juwsih ( some 25 millions )as represents for this groupe and not arabs ( not sure but much more than this).
I dont agree with your explation about spain and anti semetic, because christions are semetic too. Juses was a jude, and...



by Nader on

By the way, that is "SLEEP" and not "SLEAP"!

Now you don't have to correct me:)


Ha ha...

by Nader on

It's easy to lable people and your ignorant reply is the evidence to that.

Frankly speaking, I see no difference between Ahmadinezhad and the likes of you! 

Try to get educated...

I let you have the last word so you can sleap at night:)


When All Else Fails

by Nice Jewish Boy (not verified) on

When the truth stairs you in the face rely on your most tired excuse. Blame the Jews or "Great Zionist Conspiracy".

Peww... What a bunch of losers.


Dear Nader

by PJ&P (not verified) on

Over the past 28 years, billions of dollars of Iranian money and resources have been spent to support the causes of your moslem brethren across the globe. According to the Iranian government, more than one billion moslems are brothers regardless of location or race and can benefit from the resources of the Iranian people, since borders are meaningless in Islam. How can a small community of 12 million Jewish people spread across the world can't feel the same? Zionism believes that the people of Jewish faith (and not strictly the race, there are several different races and colors gathered in Israel) need to have a safe place to live. I can't imagine that many Jews would disagree with that concept, given the events in Europe in the past few centuries. The notion that "Jews are different than Zionists" is just a rhetoric to coverup the latent anti-semitism of the Iranian government.


TRUE! but look what they did

by Shahram (not verified) on

TRUE! but look what they did to Iran for the years ahead.


This cartoon is not too far from the truth

by farrad02 on

It is a fact that an overwhelming majority of the protest in New York against Ahmadinejad was by the Jewish community. I noticed a lot of the protesters were wearing the Mexican tortillas.

And I wouldn't be surpised if the Jewish groups lobbied the Columbia President to make up for inviting Ahmadinejad by sticking it to him as he did!


Typical mullah mentality

by 21432 (not verified) on

Typical mullah mentality shown in this cartoon. Everything bad is caused by the americans and israel. Or is it russians and british? Each day the blame goes to another group. May be france today and germany next tuesday. Mullahs are the greatest thing ever happened to iran. This is what they want to force feed the masses. Just stop and think, what have you accomplished for the good of iran after almost 30 years? What promise or hope for future do you have for the people? Thirty years and nothing to show for it except misery.


Jewish Joke

by stirrer (not verified) on

A school teacher was going around his class and asking his students, one by one, who was the greatest man in history?
Whoever answered Jesus, would receive $10 from the teacher.
Finally, teacher came to his Jewish student and asked him: who was the greatest man in history? The Jewish guy answered Jesus affirmatively. Being shocked, the teacher asked, wasn't it Moses?! The student replied: Moses is Moses, but business is business :)


Dear Persian, Jewish and Proud of Both!!!!!

by Nader on

It seems to me that in reality you don't know Jack-Shit about this stuff. So, in your minute opinion Judaism and Zionism are the same?


Even a 12 year old could do a quick Google search and see the difference.

Don't fool yourself buddy. You are either ignorant, uneducated or both in this case.

Now, go cry "Anti-semetic" as much as you like. The world looks at it differently regardless of your ignorance!

More power to real Jews!

Down with Zionism!


This was not supposed to be a "Mehmoony"

by The Fair Judge (not verified) on

This was not supposed to be a "Mehmoony" and a bonding session between the University and Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad was correctly given a tough time although rather than personal remarks, Bollinger should have have attacked him with facts. Persoanlly I would have given Ahmadinejad a much tougher time by refering to his actions and his regime's actions with regards to human rights abuses, intolerance, superstition based policies, failed economic policies, supporting terrorism worldwide, lack of freedom of speech in Iran, interference in Iraq to destabilise the country, whether or not his government's policies work towards paving the way for the arrival of the 12th imam, and the list goes on. But these should have been backed by facts and figures. Ahmadinejad has a lot to answer for and this could have been one opportunity for Iranians (and indeed non-Iranians) to get answers. Where else are they going to get it?? In Amir Kabir University?? Most of those who jeered him there eventually ended up in Evin Prison!!
To the Iranians who feel hard done by Ahmadinejad's treatment and now they have become his vocal supporters, maybe they should remember that this guy has blood on his hands and this goes way back before he became the president. He is happy to kill people who do not agree with his version of religion and question Islam.
It could have been your blood (or mine) my Iranian friends, had you been as unlucky as a lot of people who lost their lives because of the IRI.
So lets put things in perspective. This guy is no democrat nor does he believe in human liberty. He has his own agenda and he should be asked tough questions. The tougher, the better.


Iraj, Qumars, and Hajiagha

by Rooster (not verified) on

I think three of you should get together and go at it!?


Nice cartoon Thank you great job

by hajiagha on

Iranian artist

this stupid guy writ here several thousands of Iranians are murdered by mullahs, in others case we have 7,000 numbers or some things like that? where you bring this stupid numbers, what is the related to this man Ahmadinejd? Khomeini order to murder political prisoner he was stupid and dictator....I told you guy when you are smoking hashish or drinking so much please do not writing any things on Iranian.

Thank you


Where are the priorities of Iranians?

by Outraged (not verified) on

Where are Iranians? From the 1st day of the establishment of the Islamic Republic, several hundred thousands of Iranians have been murdered by the mullahs, by the so-called revolutionaries, and by their thugs! Why aren’t Iranians outraged? Why don’t Iranians call this crime, “the Iranian Holocaust!?” Why do Iranians allow take terrorist Ahmadinejad to divert the spot light away from the crimes of the Islamic Republic and shine it on secondary issues like whether or not the Holocaust in WWII really happened!?
Why is this cartoonist, Iraj, so anti-Iranian? Why should his hate of Bush blind him on the crimes of Ahmadinejad? Isn’t Iraj an epitome of the incurable sickness in Iranians?


Logic fails some of our fellow Iranians

by Fonymous (not verified) on

"Persian, Jewish and Proud of Both" writes:

"in reality, there are no differences between Judaism and Zionism"

You sure about that? Might wanna ask around at the temple... or at a university...

"the cartoon here, the picture is a stereotypically anti-semetic, no matter how badly esfansiary, you and your colleagues try to disguise your hatred. The cartoons of your prophet were justified."

Thanks for clearing it up... sensitivity towards stereotyped depiction is strictly reserved for those of Jewish faith... muslims are not allowed the same sensitivity, and stereotyped cartoons of Mohammad are justified... makes much sense and fits well with what the world is used to hearing... you are afterall, the "Chosen". The double-standard is alive and well.

Iraj jan, please issue an apology, pronto. And while you are at it, redraw the cartoon with a smaller nose and a slimmer body. Large noses and fat bodies should be reserved only for use on Iranians (except for Jewish-Iranians, of course).

Seriously, why is that when some people have absolutely no argument to make, they automatically fall back to the "anti-semetic" cry?


Antisemitism (alternatively

by PJ&P (not verified) on

Antisemitism (alternatively spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is discrimination, hostility or prejudice directed at Jews. While the term's etymology may imply that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic peoples, it is in practice used exclusively to refer to hostility towards Jews as a religious, racial, or ethnic group.
The instances of antisemitism range from individual hatred to institutionalized, violent persecutions. Extreme instances of persecution include the Spanish Inquisition, eviction from Spain in 1492, from England in 1290, various pogroms, and the most infamous, Adolf Hitler's Holocaust.


so, some iranian muslim love

by amir (not verified) on

so, some iranian muslim love this cartoon. didn't ali order the killing of thousands of your fathers when iranian,s rose up against arabs, after the death of omar. wasn,t husein raping the daughter of yazdegard III,or truly you beleive she felt in love with husein after arabs killed her dad,and took over her country. instead of hating jews so much (out of jealousy) , think about how upside down you guys are, who love the same people who killed your fathers and raped your mothers. what do you see in this islam?


Jahanshah is right

by Qumars (not verified) on

somehow when the Shah visited Columbia, the reception was a bit different:



Dear sir Could you please

by Sir Farhad (not verified) on

Dear sir Could you please define what you mean by " semetic " ? Isnt true that Semetic includes arabs too? Thank You


Dear Nader, in reality,

by Persian, Jewish and Proud of Both (not verified) on

Dear Nader, in reality, there are no differences between Judaism and Zionism. This is only your (and the dictatorship occupying Iran's) pathetic way of pretending not to look anti-semetic.
Again, I am talking about the cartoon here, the picture is a stereotypically anti-semetic, no matter how badly esfansiary, you and your colleagues try to disguise your hatred. The cartoons of your prophet were justified.


hajiagha ! yad begir !

by Majid on

Be in migan cartoon ! negaah kon va  yad begir!


JJ, That's a great idea. Why

by Midwesty (not verified) on


That's a great idea. Why Tehran University doesn't invite Bush to speak there? Let's capitalize on this.



by Irooni (not verified) on

een martikeh Bolinger serfan bekhater khosh raghsi vase arbabhaye jakeshesh mahmoudo davat kard bar khalafe mokhalefathaye ghabli saran dolat va mardome amrika. Karesh kheili ahmaghane va sheytani bood. Ina agar yeki ghad alam koneh ve bekhad ezhare vojood kone say mikonan ke ono az bein bebaran. Kose nane va ame hamashon. payandeh Iran.


Comparing Apples and Oranges...

by Nader on

Jahanshah jan, the problem here is that you are comparing two totally different environments together. Of course I am going to lose if we have such competition as today's Iran is far from being a "free" society. But imagine if it was!Then you would lose this bet in a big fashion. All I am saying is that it was not "fair" or "right" to attack a guest speaker form the get go. He should have made an introduction and then give the podium to the audience.The “host”  got personal for personal reasons!!IMHO, the above cartoon described the situation the best.Peace!


Red Wine

Great Toon

by Red Wine on

Nice toon.deeply nice and showing us what going on !


Ahmadinejad is a dictator!

by Shahrokh T (not verified) on

There is not questions about this man whom is a dictator. It reminds me of one of Samad films, when his mother told him to use big words. so when he started to talk he said Elephant, caw, donkey and ...
In this case the president of Iran has used the words like Phys. Math. education and ..., but he could not put all these words together. A high school kid in Iran can talk better than him.
May be Iran is not the same one that I have seen and living there 24 years ago. I think the Iranians deserve this man, because they have elected him and they love him when he talks.