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Bird's eye
Aerial photos of Abadan

By Armen Khachaturian
May 9, 2001
The Iranian

I read Shahrzad Irani's experience in Abadan ["Oh, sweet home"]. It was very touching. I think I would have felt exactly the same. That is power of Abadan, which you will not find in any another place. A unique collection of people, friendships, memories, places...

Here are some very old aerial pictures of Abadan taken before the oil nationalization, when the operations belonged to the Anglo Iranian Oil Company.

- Above Naft Club, Annex, Braim staff quarterst
- Again above Naft Club but nearer to the shat
- Refinery and Braim housing quarters above Boat Club
- General offices, refinery
- Refinery, asphalt storage and distillation areas
- Bawarda housing estates & refinery
- Staff quarters, North Bawarda (1)
- Staff quarters, North Bawarda (2)
- Opposite our house, Mr Mostofi's house
- Hotel Abadan from our house #626.



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