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Beshno az del!

Based on Alanis Morrisett's "Thank you India"

September 30, 2002
The iranian

How about all those mullahs, their ability to destroy so vast!
How about all those reformers, shaving off the full-beard of past!

How about the Shahis calling for referendums!
How about Rajavi calling for people to sign memorandums!

How about Melliyoons still talking about Mossadegh and conveniently forgetting Sanjabi!
How about that dark gray sky over Iran that some say used to be so "aabi"!

How about 300,000 prostitutes walking the streets of Iran!
How about my birthplace everyday looking more "veeraan"!

How about all those drug addicts forewarning calamity!
How about AIDS sweeping the nation of virginity!

How about the doctor who went to school but is driving a cab!
How about the Pasdar who dropped out of school and became the king of "shab"!

How about a nation that adores America!
How about a nation that cannot trust America!

How about a nation that worships one Arabic household!
How about a nation that loathes the rest of that household!

How about the USA playing the liberator!
How about Britain concerned about human rights violators!

How about Saddam bombing you one day and seeking assistance the next!
How about your neighbors calling you "brother" one day and stabbing you in the back the next!

Thank you Providence!
Thank you Hopelessness!
Thank you Geography!
Thank you History!
Thank you Destruction!
Thank you Division!
Thank you Persia!
Thank you, Lost Cause!

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By Ali Khalili



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