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* I actually read this to my adabiyaat teacher
* Latest British conspiracy
* When you wish you had more brains
* Aftaab zadeh beh mokhesh
* Game, set and match
* Cockfight
* Cheh khe-shen!
* Comic relief
* If you were wondering
* BMW: Brings Me Women
* Yaadegaare bachegee
* Tomatoes for Al Qaeda
* Tozihol Masaael
* Bejomb heyvoon!
* Bee kheeyaal
* How do you feel time?
* Twins... festival?... in Kish?
* Hong Kong Boxer
* Difference between men and women
* No monkey business
* Condom for fertility sym-BOL
* Coin sweeper: Busted for boasting
* Man and his monkey
* Marketing... genius?
* Circus of Horrors
* Welcome to the house of chastity
* No comment
* Mageh majboori?
* Oh... happiness
* Aberoo reezee, Chinese style
* Back Koocheh Boy

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