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* Rafsanjani: Islamic Republic's great achievement
* Native Deen: Islam with a hip beat
* Singing horses
* Peugeot commecial in India
* Male impotence cure: Hoover
* Web jargon translations
* Islamic astrology
* Nemoodaar-e Makhsoos-e Nejaadi
* Life is good, apparently
* What's a cool name these days?
* Happy New Year: Drive safely
* Imam Zaman: Alive and kicking (for now)
* Ass or elbow?
* Shiraz, the wine
* Shiraz, the chair
* Shiraz, the wig
* Shiraz, the chick
* Shiraz, the cat
* Shiraz, the pillow
* Shiraz, the flower
* Shiraz, the...?
* Qoran's September 11 prediction (chert o pert)
* Zanaan-e chaaghookesh
* Mom prays more when there's war
* Dear Goosaleh
* Michael Jackson's next operation
* In other words
* New Iranian flag
* You get the idea
* Wrong number
* L.A.'s Iranian of the Day
* Bache-haa! Da'vaa!!
* Why women are more attractive than men
* What's wrong with America
* This is your Iran Air pilot speaking
* We have a biological clock too
* Hello terrorist
* Every man's secret fantasy
* Let me see them first
* Bijani sisters: Putting faith in Goh
* Concert-e boogh
* F*ck Benz! I want a Peykan
* Marteekeh mageh koori?
* Lots of Qazvini patients, for some reason
* New, improved American national anthem
* Hey Einstein, let's see you solving this one
* What's your number?
* Tehran & cheetah-print slippers
* Kaarshenaas-e vezaarat-e kaar

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