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* Huh?
* Just wondering
* Man Amrikaaee hast
* Man Amrikaaee hast
* Proud hacker
* Patience... PATIENCE!
* Are you Iranian?
* Virtual doaa
* Dooste joon jooni
* I saw your picture
* Ewww... Ohhh!
* Faribkhordeh
* As far as I know
* Weekly planner
* This is urgent
* Modern Hafez
* We've already established that
* Hassani (3)
* Imagine them online
* For the love of God
* Super mouse
* Peronality test
* 11 darn good reasons
* Sometimes...
* George W. In The Garden Of Gethsemane
Save Kabul Zoo!
* Got to be kidding
* Heaven's gate

Funny stuff, interesting stuff, important stuff, stupid stuff, all sorts of stuff... Hundreds of daily tidbits were featured in The Iranian Times. They will be gradually archived here. Have you got something for this page? Email us

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* Anyway

* Satire

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