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December 2006

December 28

* Bird (Flu) Holocaust

December 25

* Video: Could you clean my Persian rug?
* Video: American Aghd, Sigheh, Khatneh

December 19

* Video: SNL Uncensored: Something special for Christmas
* Video: Argentinian cheer leaders wish you a Merry Christmas
* Video: Is this car stunt for real?
* Video: Unbelievable: End the conflict
* Video: We Wish You a (bizarre) Merry Christmas

December 18

* Video: Bush making sweet love to America
* Video: Sperm control
* Video: Wrong Christmas gift for your wife

December 13

* Video: Kramer apology
* Airplane sex guide
* Video: Sticky frozen car
* Video: Creative phone ad
* Video: Colonoscopy
* Restrooms
* Video: Flashbeer
* Video: Always let her speak first
* Where was that again?
* Wasting Viagra

December 12

* Animated: How Persian cats are made

December 8

* Video: "Troy" in Persian
* Video: Bush border security

December 6

* Video: Turkish shaver
* Fart forces plane to land
* Spoiled Persian
* Half Persian/Italian seeks companion
* Video: Under the mistletoe
* Candy man
* Cooney not Iranian of the day

December 4

* Ideal for all hand jobs
* Baraaye beeshooree har cheh beeshtar yeh salavaate boland khatm koneen
* X-party?... in Tehran?
* Video: Coolest 8-year old in the world
* Video: How to sell men's underwear

December 1

* Video: Seinfeld lost episode: "Kramer at the Laugh Factory"
* Bush father & son: Iraq
* Mime artist Jerome Murat
* CIA: Bohhhhhhhhring
* Video: Identity thieves are targeting your car
* Video: You don't need your eyes to see
* Video: Ever get stuck on an escalator?

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