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I am not a virgin

July 2, 2002
The Iranian

I am not a virgin to pain and fear
To suffering or shame
I am not apart form the joyous laughter
Of six year old angels
I am not immune to hopelessness
Or the explosion of energy
At the beginning of a new romance
I am familiar with the lust that causes regret
And the wanting of closeness
That is mistaken for need

I am not a virgin to the feeling of abandonment
Nor the frustration of being smothered
I have experienced the self-doubt
That comes after failure
And the empowerment that follows success
I have known darkened nights
Filled with tears of sorrow
So too, exilirating moments
Which left me feeling completely alive

I am not a virgin to the knowledge
That I can transcend time and space
For I am above all these trivial human emotions
More than this roller-coaster of feelings
Greater than my earthly desires
Bigger than these hopes or fears
Because I am aware of this illusion we call Life

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Comment for Arezou Raeisghasem

By Arezou Raeisghasem

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