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And I run...

October 21, 2003
The Iranian

I run from you
I run from me
I run from the person
I no longer want to be
I run from the past
I run and feel free
I run on the hard pavement
For miles, it carries me

And I run so hard
'Til my cheeks are red with blood
I run over pebbles
And puddles of mud
The cool, crisp night
Fills my lungs with sweet air
I run to not think
To not have a care

I run to escape
The ghosts that still haunt
I run toward all
The things that I want
I run past the trees
And the people walking dogs
I run until all my worries
Dissipate in the fog

And I ran away from you
And I ran away from me
And I ran away from the woman
You insist that I must be
I ran so far along
That I'm back where I began
Tomorrow I'll return
To run away again

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By Arezou Raeisghasem



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