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I close my eyes
A poem

June 25, 1999
The Iranian

A poem by Nagmeh Shariat-Madar, a second-generation Iranian-American, currently a sophomore at a high school in Michigan.

I close my eyes

from the evil stares
the scandalous glares
the stupid dares

from the flip-up knives
the black-and-blue-eyed wives
the misguided lives

and I close my eyes

to hide the guns
of the kids just having fun
the ones who

I close them tight

to block the sight
of futile hate
we try to mitigate
while intellectuals contemplate
on how to alleviate
and adults find new ways to berate
but still motivate

but I close my eyes

to politicians' lies
the ones with unscrupulous minds
who forget about the other kinds
while they wine and dine

my eyes are closed

to the NATO bombs
fired in the early dawn
as screams are heard
between yawns

so I close my eyes

so I need not sit and watch
as we create a bloody blotch
on history's page
filled with violence and rage
like animals trapped in a cage

and such

and we still aren't doing much

so I keep them shut.

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