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Orange County

By Leyla Momeny
October 6, 1999
The Iranian

here behind the orange groves
mean people lie effortlessly
advance toward the heat
inside small slick silver
designer sports cars,
assume status on wheels
and watch each other
f l y

here behind the orange groves
good girls pant like dogs for rain
and decent conversation
only to be left bare-chested inside
bars that crawl

here behind the orange groves,
old men eat golf balls, carry sacks of sugar
prepared for early desperation.
then drive down freeways
dipped in sand

here behind the orange groves,
literary types
write love poems on graph paper
then fall alseep
waiting for tomorrow

if you are quiet,
you may hear angry men hollering
from the fields

John Wayne airport
Orange County
August 16, 1999

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