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Sweet dreams my little baby

By Masood Hosseini
December 12, 2001
The Iranian

I wrote this song for my kidnapped daughter Roxana. I thought you may be interested in publishing it.


Up are the stars

and they're watching you

and they sing along

with me and you.


Now you're gone

so far away

but the pain, oh no

is here to stay


Are you quite in health?

Or are you alone?

do you have a place

to call a home?


Today I was

almost happy

as a man can be

just like a bird

that is set free


Then I felt again

this pain inside

the usual thing

I can easily hide


These are not tears

you see in my eyes

It's just the rain

I can not disguise


Remember I said

"Dads never cry?"

My dear, to be honest

that is a lie.


So go to sleep

wherever you are

I'll be up there

just like a star


Wait for tomorrow

like we always do

see the sun shine

for daddy and you


Whatever Mom says

whatever I do

you won't forget

I'll always love you

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Flower delivery in Iran
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