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By Hamed Vahidi
December 5, 2001
The Iranian


God and Evil work hand in hand to attain their mysterious goals,

Both fail when it comes to the care of souls


One racks the soul, one sears the flesh with desire,

No mortal is immune from this divine satire


Freeze the blood in my veins and crush my bone,

But don't cast your shadow on this grave; leave my beloved alone


Her days were numbered when demons poured venom in her blood,

Her fate was sealed when she did not bow to praise God


Let me whisper into her ears, let me lie in her nest,

I remember when her body was the castle and I was the guest


Now the silence weighs upon my back,

The trees share my grief and the air is black


She looked for the angels and the friendship of the wind,

I grieved at her departure and entrusted her to the wind


The trembling lips of the grieving lover shake the world,

They repel the angels and bring the wrath of the Lord


Don't be disturbed by the tears I shed at her grave,

Once she was the master and I was her slave


Rest in peace my beloved, for you have your own grave,

Countless others are buried together in one grave.

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