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Love and horror

By Maryam Kazemieh
October 10, 2001
The Iranian


I close my eyes


when you hold my hand touching my fingers,

when you hold my fingers, licking them one by one,

when your smile opens your face,

relaxes your jaw

clearing your eyes

tired eyes,

telling me

how happy you are


I forget about the past,




I forget about the refugees amassing

near the border

where my home used to be

I don't remember the woman staring

at her crying hungry child


sucking her empty breast


When you caress my thighs and tell me

how soft my skin feels to your touch

and then you kiss my soul

following your fingers

scaling my body


I forget the man that used to tower over the world

with his wealth, legacy, ego

blown to bits for someone's


trapped in evil


When you hold me in your arms

searching for my eyes

when I lookup



falling into you


I forget the man

the young man

who left his country to be free

oh. Tomorrow flying the bombers

into the mountains

where as a child he used to play


when you search for a part of me

with your eyes closed,

I close my eyes too.

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