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By Mostafa Rahbar
April 26, 2002
The Iranian

In an abyss
Amid palaces in rubble
Haggard fallen kings
With a faded regal mien
In tattered robes and plastic crowns and rusted swords
Were somnolently groping for their lost kingdoms
In the ghostly glimmer of candles
That cast their long writhing shadows
On the cobblestone road
That stretched to eternity

Their gaunt horses
Stooped under the weight of their bridles
Regurgitated absurd history
And with battered chariots
Had long forgotten their ethereal gallops

Petrified sentries
With bugles in hand
Were dreaming of rhapsodies and shining armors

Mute minstrels
Clenching their broken lyres
Had been lulled to sleep
By a litany of morbid silence and amnesia

Disillusioned pilgrims
With glass eyeballs
Gazing at faceless icons and wingless angels
Had abandoned their saints and shrines
Expecting no more miracles

I reached out
To caress the contours of your soul
At the nebulous twilight

I awoke in a daze
Staring at my shattered soul
In a distant nameless land

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Mostafa Rahbar


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