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Three poems

By Hamid Karimi
August 13, 2002
The Iranian


I was waiting for you
Consumed by blind passion
Like the full moon praying on Jupiter

I was whispering to you
Inciting involuntary allegiances
Like the hopeless flicker of a candle in a dark, airless tunnel

I was dying to have you
The first time I shared your world
Like an eagerly thirsty seed anxious for the first spring rain

I have no regrets -but a sigh
The miracle that I imagine in you and I

Being present

Between the passing, deceptive moments
.........Wonders of god's precarious allowance,
To the umbrageous: merely blind presence
.........- a tight-rope walk decorated by fate
To the foolish optimist, manifesting confidence
.........Making solemn attempts to discover the rightful place
To the romantic realist, miraculous life-beauteous
.........Tip-toeing on a slippery, smooth surface!


With a mixture of reverence and awe
I come closer inquiringly
.........To offer to you my body and spirit
.........Nothing but silence

You idiot man! You fool!
Remain silent! Stay put!

Stop this philanthropic soul
Do not be laden
.........With the love so frustratingly forbidden
Kill the desire that leaves you,
.........So belittlingly beaten

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