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The belly dancer
It means a lot to me

By Bev Karami
February 14, 2002
The Iranian

I belly danced in Hollywood years ago and later met and married an Iranian whom I met at one of the Middle Eastern clubs I performed at. Although there was some issues with my husband about my dancing, mostly he has come to realize how much this art form means to me and even his mother now accepts it about me. Any others out there in my situation?

Sipping Galiano to
the Hollywood Gold
I've donned by best chiffon this night to
match the star I hold.

Endless beads are dripping from
the stage lights to the floor
Makeup streaking down my face as
the music starts to soar

I see a captive audience
blinded to the core
Clearly they have had enough yet
still they yell for more

I've written many images on
that stage so full of song
Expended many energies on
nights sometimes too long

But I've lived one of the wonders
a girl dreams about
And sipped a taste of Hollywood
the Gold can't shine without.

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