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Sick of America

By Saints Sinners
February 28, 2002
The Iranian

Sick of its ignorance

Sick of it blind support of Isreal

Sick of America calling Palestinian freedom fighters terroists

Sick of its closet racism

Sick of Fox News and CNN bull shit stories on the Middle East

Sick of how Fox News and CNN betray Moslems and Middle Easterners as "terroists"

Sick of its manipulated people trying to argue its views about the middle east

Sick of George Bush's "your either with us or against us"

Sick of them looking down on the Middle East and Islam

Sick of people like Billy Graham who preach love and peace but are anti-Islam

Sick of its double standards

Sick of its bully mentality

Sick of the simplistic axis of evil comment

Sick of its propaganda against Iran

Sick of trying it to cram its values on other countires, cultures, religons...

Sick of how American people say "Moslem" and "Allah"

Just sick of it

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Made you mine America
By Ali Zarrin

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