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Black apple
Short story

By Arash Emamzadeh
January 22, 2002
The Iranian

there was nothing then a feeling in my heart

in my fingers an explosion a need the blue alley

your skin under my fingertips my eyes are closed you are so

warm the wind its warm my eyes are closed childish

games on the roof with the blue sky the smell of your

hair no rules i am so close but far still i want to

hold you forever i don want to grow up too much

feelings no words the blue alley and your smile where

am i the feelings in my stomach my throat i want to

keep you your hands fingers neck before or after i

dont know your eyes no please let me have this moment

let me keep you memories and feelings and time and

space no more words just feelings.

I fell.


The professor enters. She is wearing a suit and appears very professional. I am sitting only 4 feet away from the board so that I can make appropriate comments regarding each day's lesson. Participation is worth 15% of the final grade. It is essential to achieve a high standing in the class.

I spent 79 dollars and 18 cents for textbook's 9th edition, its latest edition. It includes numerous poems, and in special sections, many distinguished poets have been interviewed by the editors of the book. I forget the names of these poets but they are well respected within the circle of eminent critics.

My professor has a PhD and has a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of poetry. She champions the scientific study of poetry and its mechanical aspects. She emphasizes the logical structure of a poem and its sociocultural dimensions. Each day is to start with with a 5 minute period during which we are to create a poem. This period will be followed, with no exceptions, by a 40 minute lesson, and a 5 minute question period. The sequence and timing of these events is very important, she says.

She later asked us to create a poem about the person in the next seat. I do not remember the lady or the poem that I tried to write about her, but I do remember using the words "flower", "beautiful", "pink", and the kind of words that should make a lady feel very special and loved, logically.

On the way home, I pass through a big garden with various flowers and other colorful things that symbolize love and beauty, and should arouse various positive emotions in a human being. I enter the dark alley which leads to my house.


your summer dress running after you the

evening breeze,

Robert Frost.


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By Arash Emamzadeh

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