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Why this never-ending fall?

June 13, 2002
The Iranian

Was slashed open through which a light shone
As two heavenly hands grabbing her head, skin and bone
Pulled her out of a small world filled with sin but no light
And she fought emotions as she came kicking into
The windy spring night
She questioned and suffered all the way to school in Greece
She then swam out of her dinosaur dress, and with grease
In her tower-like hairs and a summer dress with flowers
She circled around the sun-like disco ball for hours
Homo erectus he said he was as they rocked and smoked...
What a mess!
He kissed her bony black legs and fat white face from
Greece and Europe all the way to US
Later he used her and abused her like others she had known
Leaving her feverish bloody body in a torn green dress,
Too sick to even moan
She turned deaf and dumb and with her knees under her chin
And an apple in her hands confessed to a never-committed sin
She spent the winter days spinning around the tightening
Room, like a blank CD
Until one day the dark membrane of the sky polluted with STD

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Arash Emamzadeh

By Arash Emamzadeh

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