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Spring message

By Abbas Rajabi
March 21, 2002
The Iranian

A 6000 thousand year old tradition!

Yet so new

Put on the best suit you have,

Stand proud and smile

Look around

For nature is bringing you the bliss of life.

Spring is full of hope for a great harvest.

LetŪs hope for all the best!

Bring out the best in your fellow man.

Smile, smile! And meet life with all the enthusiasm you can muster

Start anew!

Forgive those who have trespassed upon you

Start anew

Hug your loved ones÷.

Like it is the last time you will ever see them.

Embrace your neighbor÷

Like it is the beginning of the greatest friendship ever.

Get clues from the pansies

Never mind the cold, stand tall, and show your beauty,

For warmth is just around the corner

Dust off your house, your soul,

Long for life long for love and care

Wish the world happy NuRouz,

Be a Persian for a day!

Give someone a hug today!

For the world needs your hug more than ever.


Our 6000 year old TRADITION!

Farvardin 1381
Denver Colorado

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