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I remember you
For Afghan Women

By Zieba Shorish-Shamley
March 14, 2002
The Iranian

I remember you...

when you have no choice, no voice, no rights, no existence
when you have no laughs, no joy, no freedom, no resistance
your pain, your agony, your silence, your loneliness
your anger, your frustration, your cries, your unhappiness

I remember you...

when you are abused, attacked, beaten, and veiled
when you are tortured, strangled, choked and slaved
you fell numbness, nothingness, lifeless with tears
you are a shadow, a ghost a creature with many fears

I remember you...

when you are in darkness, stillness of a star-less night
lifting your arms to the sky, with sadness and fright
when you ask the wise lord with eyes full of tears and pain
why all these crimes? for what reason? can you explain?

I remember you...

when you finally will rise and stand on your feet!
and say "No! I will not stand for anymore defeat!"
You will break the chains, burn the veil and smash the bricks off the
you will scream with all your might "Damn you all!"

I remember you...

When you take the solemn oath that you will struggle, resist and fight
that you will gain freedom with all your might
that you will never give up the fight, no matter how heavy the cost
never again will you be confused, pitiful and lost

I remember you...

when you gained your rights, reached your goals and hopes
when you overcame those obstacles, you brilliantly dealt and coped
your talent surpassed the struggle for the ultimate goal
a reborn woman, free, independent and whole

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