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The cubic

By Abol Danesh
November 20, 2002
The Iranian

Large cubic six by six by six
All sides open except the top roof
And here comes the thick blanket
When put on the roof
Comes with its outskirt to make four beds
On each side of the cube
On the ground inside the cube
There comes the divine blazing larger charcoal right in the center
In a container covered by ashes to control the tempature
Surrounded by few pitchers of water to get warmed for the morning use
Each memeber of family has a side in the cubic
Mine was East-West where I could direcly see my mom and dad
Who were gigling for no reason late night
South-North our servant facing my handsome brothers
With distinct bed feature for demarkation of social status
In cold winter everything was frozen inside and outside of the room
Except the warm sleepy cubic holding the entire household united
And a cat on the top roof of cubic snooring in utter comfort

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