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Schizophrenic citizen of the world

By Shoreh Kooshesh
May 16, 2002
The Iranian

This was emailed to on September 15, 2001. For the next few days will offer unpublished reactions to the September 11 attacks from its archives.

9/11 day.

Recent headlines come sharply into focus.
Belfast... Catholic school girls escorted day after day
to school by their parents
Palestine. Suicide bombs. Desperation.
I heard them. But I did not hear them.

But how can all my heart be swallowed up by tragedy
And how can my head nod in agreement with headlines
America changed forever
When this tragedy occurs every day
I am not delusional
Every day people go through this
On a daily basis
Over and over

4 planes hijacked
turned into human missiles
and driven into the symbols of America
symbols which contained 50,000 people.
Running for their lives
Smoke filling the air, Satans face captured on film
And the dust settles
And tomorrow's another day
And we are afraid
We want to kick some ass
So we can return to normal life

But what if it happened again?
Maybe now in five years we can forget this
But what if it happened again?
Then we wouldn't be US.
We would be Palestine

You DON'T get it.

So for half a day
We got to experience their lives
And somehow
It is not as valuable
Human life
When it happens to them
The other
But when it happens to us
Not even approaching the scale of
Human extinction
Like killing coach roaches
Another faceless
Nameless person dead
It doesn't matter anyway
Who can pronounce those names?
Aren't they the same as the innocent who died
On 9/11 day?
Is there room in my heart to ache for all of them?
If I did
I could never be happy
Never enjoy a beautiful sunrise
Or lounge around a lazy fall day
Could I?

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