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The classified

By Naz Rakhshandeh
September 28, 2002
The Iranian

where thames river falls into lake ontario
and caspian sea becomes patriarchal
the blue spruce gathers together with london plane and london plane takes
you on a journey into the walnut trees

the trilogy of mind body spirit
and at times not give a fuck about the soul

mind becomes the Lost and Found office on baker street
with or without Sherlock Holmes
whether you find your umbrella
or you go there to claim what's not yours

'we embody all that has died'

to every drinker and every dancer
reaching out
belligerent always on every syllable

with every gift comes a man
and with every man encountered
came a gift

searching between the worlds
lost and found over and over

devouring every classified section of every magazine
"easy edd" "to smooth move" to settle an impending soul
probing locating

unbound again.

all is here laid out here
written in plain language
using only twenty words or so
resolving the question of finding the key to that resourceful life

employment whether it is welding or mending
to homes to dream in at nights
to love to cherish to lust

this is a venture between worlds
sailing on sailing on

illusion comes
and settles this unquietened soul.

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