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By Michael Fredieu
September 30, 2002
The Iranian

The most Compassionate
revealed you to me as a sign,

Proof that God's affinity prevails in His creation
and affirmation
that His essence exists in Mankind,

Like the Angel sent to Kay Khosrow
you are my Malak
my revelation
the peace
to the most chaotic of minds,

The most Gracious
put His gift between us at the beginning of time,

Like star light
moves through the dead of night
it moved through eternity
so our hearts it could find,

As the gift made Rostam's heart fall to Tahmine
it made my heart surrender to the sweetest of heart
for all eternity
falling like seconds in the river of time,

The most Merciful greatest kindness
was connecting your soul to mine,

because without you my soul is lost
like a falling star with a endless sky to cross
falling eternally with only death to find,

As Rostam's heart will morn Sohrab forever
My heart would forget yours never
filled with tears and sorrow for all time.

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