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Tell America tell

By Dr. M. Ashaq Raza, Asmara, Eritrea
February 6, 2003
The Iranian

What intention is yours after all?
Why so greedy, so thirsty and for what?
What do you want, tell after all
The power, the might, lordship or what?
Tell America tell -- What?

Take these all, grant us but lasting peace
Sleep you, and let us (the world) sleep
Make not human blood butter and cheese
Sowing hatred, how love will you reap
Tell America tell -- How?

Weapons all, you have of mass destruction
Without arms but Muslims are terrorists
Same enmity, you have with Muslim nations
As the loin, upon making water dirty, to goat
Tell America tell -- Why?

Are Muslims not a part of world community?
Do they need not love and affection?
Have you ever peeped, root causes of enmity
Before imposing so called "War on Terrorism"?
Tell America tell -- Why?

Your tears are tears and others leer
Your blood is blood and others water
Your pain is pain and other's neer
Your cries are cries and other's laughter
Tell America tell -- Why?

You are Big Boss, grab world, your mission
You destroy one by one poor Muslim nations
But may I ask you, one stark question
What is Newton's "Third law of motion?"
Tell America tell -- What?

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