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By Flora Kaschani
October 21, 2003
The Iranian

Countries at war,
The sound of shooting from afar,
Little children cry out,
Women scream and shout,
Rivers of blood that run,
They know it is not much fun,
But, the fighting goes on.

Young men tired of the fight
That goes through day and night,
Mothers who have lost a son,
Young girls who mourn a loved one,
Life had only just begun,
They know the war is not fun,
But, the fighting goes on.

In the fields, where he once ran,
Lies the body of a man,
They say he died for a cause,
And was given great applause,
Yet, the one who sold the gun
Knows that dying is not fun,
But, the fighting goes on.

I sit and watch, in shocked silence,
Man's madness and violence,
'Thou shalt not kill', it's been said,
Why they shoot each other dead?
Playing out in the sun,
Wouldn't it be much more fun?
Don't let the fighting go on,
Don't let the fighting go on.

Copyright ©2003 Flora Kaschani

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