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The go-home hypocrisy

By Rom Hashemi
July 2, 2004

go home
to a tasse of chai
and calculus homework
in a library
like a figurine of the Twin Towers
small and American
with some books
full of squiggly lines.

go home
to the vineyard
that's now rubble
like Persepolis
magnificently dead
like cloaked ghosts
in roasted black chadors
hovering in a hopeless necropolis.

"go home"
to the satanic sand
that burns me!
and my un-calloused feet
not sitting Indian-style
not eating with my hands
all of this thought
by you
and your western civ courses
seeing our camels,
but never our horses
and Romans and Jesus and Lightening Wars
are busy being washed white
but whatever.

"go home"
but you can't say that to me!
that is, unless
you are Cherokee.

9:04 AM

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