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Fall in submission


Bijan Khazai
November 10, 2004

Weary of words, laden with Love
They are sprinkled across Your praying rug
Swirling spirals in crisp yellows
Dancing together in communal submission

Those still standing, green and proud
Tremble by the tap of Your soft breadth
Shimmer at the unveiling of Your radiant face
How can they resist such gentle caressing?

And in their lonely quivering
They chant a most heartfelt praise
Through songs mixed in laughter and light
Emitted from each sincere rattle and hum

Once young buds, they have ripened
In the play of Your presence and absence
Now, their foreheads yellow in longing
And cheeks red with love
They are awaiting the final blow
When the lifeless come to life
And fall into the whirling dance of Submission

-- New York, November 2004

Bijan Khazai, PhD, Earth Institute at Columbia University, New York.

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