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Long lost love


November 10, 2004

Two acorns in the wind were we
Where we landed we found our homes
A crest of a wave that disappeared
Yet somehow the sea went on.

A whisper to my beloved's ear
Long ago was never heard.
Today I hold her true and near
Where's her abode?
I do not know.

A kiss that fluttered in the breeze
A tear that scarcely found her cheek
Though from afar I could not see
A thousand words ran through my mind
I could not speak,
I could not speak.

Trace of a sigh
My eyes awash
My glance a void
A smile that barely found a frown
Countless hours the hands of the clock
Did not move
The moon slept 'til dawn.

A cloud approached the hills
A shapeless form eerie and dire
Vanished in the clear blue sky
I closed my somnolent eyes and saw
Ribbons of majestic hues
Colors of unlikely glow
Touched me with a careless while
I woke to an eternal dream.

The toll from a church far afield
Faded away.

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