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I am an American soldier


Farrokh B
September 23, 2004


I’m gonna come through
I’m gonna come clean...
Yes I smoked pot here
Yes I did Acid
I even tried Heroin once
A good American friend of mine turned me on to it
Didn’t do Angel dust though
And never did Ecstasy
Though I may have tried Crack!
Can’t recall how many times I’ve smoked hash...
Hell Yes. Every blessed New York time
I was born over there
I, ran from Tehran
A kid, who ran
But I am a New Yorker
It sucks like hell the towers aren’t there...

I’m no less American
I’m no less patriotic
Than a blue blooded son of a Baptist preacher
I love this land of USA
So much that I swore to defend it
With my life
Yes America,
I am one of your soldiers
This is where grew up and found myself
This is where I saw my daughters grow
Pampers, Similac, and shelter,
Never were worries
Fatherhood didn’t cost much at all
Like it does in bomb fucked Africa
This land IS where I grew up
This is the land I swore to die for
This is the land where I found Lucy,
My wife who I would die for
I never had to worry about saying what was in my mind here
I never had to do any thing but exactly what I wanted to do, here
Fuck the legends and the stories
If there is paradise,
This is it
Right the fuck here
And I am an American
An American Soldier

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