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Bottom line for U.S. spreading liberty


Dean Brink
February 2, 2005

This is about bodies perforated, scarred, buried
now in Iraq, Iraqis mean nothing
and as long as Iraqis mean nothing
U.S. deaths means less, the New American
Century has no soldiers to lose, only profits
tallied at Arlington Cemetery.
In our time the crosses are not twisted, the signs
are all in keeping, but hearts beat glumly,
the givens of the day advertised lies
suspended in speculation.

Invaded by lies they must resist or die slowly inside:
for who can give their day of labor
to invaders never taking the time to prepare pretexts,
not even a cover story for collaborators
to be able to tell family it is best for all,
to say to one's sons let us bow in abeyance to a market share inevitable,
the others will all fall in line, monopolized hearts and minds,
greed taken over and walled in.
Thank god they resist! thank god they have their pride!
Remember Fallujah! though the Romans are cold, armored in, 
solidarity is with us, resistance
until corrupt Americans, British and Australians leave, and they will
have only their incestuous bribes and profits
the land of Iraq in ruins its people will be free. 

Dean Brink teaches Japanese Studies at Saint Martin's College [see homepage] in Lacey, Washington State, and founded "Poets for Peace and Social Justice" readings in Tacoma, and is currently on leave to pursue research in Taipei, has a chapbook, Quantum Wishes, and with Ali Zarrin co-edited the online journal Interpoetics: Poetry of Asian and the Pacific Rim.

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