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My lover
For Foroogh Farrokhzad and Jimi de la Cruz

February 24, 2005

My Lover
With that shameless naked body
On his strong thighs
Like death

Restless lines
Chase his strong body
In its great shape

My lover, one would think
Comes from
The generation of forgotten legends

* * *

In the corner of his eyes
There seems to be an archer
Awaiting, to hunt stray riders

In his sparkling teeth
Lays a tiger
Smelling the warmth of blood

My lover
Like nature
Has relentless clear meaning

With my defeat
Proves the true logic of power

He is wildly free
Like a healthy instinct
Cast away in an island

My lover
Like a Buddhist god
From the beginning of his existence
Has been a stranger
He is a man
From centuries ago
A reminder of true meaning of beauty

He, in the space around him
Awakens constantly
Innocent memories of childhood
He like the lion's roar
Is furious and bare

And he does love innocently
Particles of life
Particles of earth
Sadness of human
Sadness of birth

My lover
Oh he is a simple guy
A simple guy, who I found
In the doomed land of wanders
Like a last sign of some great religion
And then I hid him
Somewhere in the caverns of my heart

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