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Five poems

Ali Khaghani
January 12, 2005

He is but a distant star
-He whose tears fall as rain
--He's the charm you keep inside
---His halo crowned the night king
----His the hand that parted the sea
-----He is the stone you wear for luck
------His the light which guides the day
-------His rage lightning; thunder his anvil
--------He the prodigal desert; vast and tragic
---------His breath brewing tempest to the wind
--------He the mountain; none may conquer
-------He the flame setting the sun ablaze
------His the eyes watching you within
-----His the voice to soothe your sins
----He who painted each snow flake
---He is the sand beneath your feet
--He the love to fill you complete
-He the bond none can break
He the art lacing miracles
Each stroke an inspiration

He is I
He is You
He is She.


Under a blood red Moon
Beneath the ruptured sky
Something seamless in
The way you enfold
About me

Breathless I allowed
The flood to fill my
Eyes; fingertips
Caressed my
Lips; careless
I then drowned
Below the waves

Something fearless in
This smile you painted
On my face; as no tears
Were heard through the
Rain alas your song
Exuded my breath
Whilst I inhaled
The soothing
Calmly nestled amongst
The flame; it was just then
When I opened my eyes and
Found myself still inside
Your bracing arms to
Watch you again
Move right



It was midnight when I
Walked into your memory
You didn't want to be there
I didn't want to forget and
Now every time that I
Remember; I just
Bleed to death

Your tears
Have dried
The shadows
Have long lost
My trace, alas
The memories
Never fade

So today I can find
The language to give
You the reasons for all
The faces I've left behind
But I can never justify
The blood that I have
Lost along the way

Your tears
Have dried
The shadows
Have long lost
My trace, alas
The memories
Never fade

The story's long; but
It still reads the same
My broken heart bleeds
In an hour glass by the
Windowpane and I'm
So far away, in this
Place where I'll
Forever stay.


Pastel Warriors

We all sit and wait for the colors
To come and change the seasons
To change this ominous grey
Sky lingering over head
We wake each day
And rush to
Open the
For brighter
Shades to have
Rescued our day
Well I have long
Traded-in my
Days for
Now and forever to
Regret my tomorrow
More than yesterday

We all sit and wait for the colors
To come and save the day; but
Tonight I'll change my way
I've selected many of my
Favorite effervescent
I have prepared
All my brushes
And sprays
The city slips and
Falls asleep; I sit in
Moon's company to
Watch as shadows
Stretch over the
This lament
To all eyes
Whilst we
Await the
New day; and
As dawn peeks out
Through this twilight's
Fade; I will begin to paint
The horizons again, coloring
Clouds, seas, and mountain
I'll allow the shades to run
Like water colors upon
Canvas; through the
Grass and barley
Over crystal
Deep beneath
Saline waters of
An arctic paradise
Trickled above the
Rain forest, and
Dancing along
To smear
Loving hues unto
This frozen opus again

We all sit and wait for the colors
To come take arms against our
Well I've met a thousand
Warriors and lived as a
More myself; watched
The Lonewolf's back
Broken by the fight
Time and time again
I have examined and
Contrived the arts of
Today I know I cannot
Win this fight alone; so
As I wake you from this
Perpetual nightmare with
A kiss; remember that I need
By my side to hold my hand and
Choose your colors; helping the
Colors again reign the day.


Prolific Tragedy

Just a casual user on the
Prowl; seeking an infected
Victim to share the subtle
Disease, for it's the
Seduction that
My sin

So I hereby confess to my
Cynical crimes; for at times
Even I have partaken in such
Lyrical acrobatics only to
Indulge my artistic
Spilling my
Ink over the eager
Flames of an inferno
Scraping jagged words
Against a Sunday school

This is not a dilatory omission
I'm not here pleading absolution
I'm guilty of asking the questions
Others frown away, I refuse to play
The game, to paint fictional serenity
With semantics for you conformists
To indulge in, to woo all the ladies
With erotic scenery just to solicit
Fame and fortune, I write only
To unleash my rage, to unveil
The devil behind the mask
Of divinity, to pry open
The eyes of indifference

Alas on certain days
I still make love to the
Wolf Moon in a twilight
Tango with the stars to the
Celestial beat, eclipse the
Sun with obsidian ink
But my passion
The portrayal of
This tragic reality.


Hitched at a Drive-through Chapel

Slowly I unsheathed
The blade from my lips
And sliced her open with
Words; sat back to let the
Bitter silence infect the
Wound, tell me what
Has become of our
Candor in these
Final chapters

Camouflaged assassins
Behind compassionate eyes
We have slaughtered all the
Simple times, starry eyes
Morning smiles, easy
Cries, pillow fights
School pride and
Summer camps

Where have all the
Laughing children at
Our playgrounds gone
The friendly pickup
At the local
Free fire

We're the malfunctioning
Products of Sunday-school
Engaged at midnight
To catch the redeye for
Honeymoon before dusk
And a complementary
Breakfast divorce
Served in bed

Lost children of the sea
Turned suburban-banshees
Screaming in silence behind
Cosmetic veils, homeless
Inside cement walls
Sipping tequila
From the
Holy grail

Now is it any wonder
I'm but a satellite stuck
In this suspended state of
Wander, my mind is over
Stimulated, flesh's bee
Fasting for years, an
My wretched hear
Is but a paupe
On a street
Just begging for change.

Ali Khaghani's collected poems include "Binding Us Torn" (iUniverse, September 2004) and "Love and Lust: Combine and Combust" (iUniverse, February 2004).

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