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War and peace


July 15, 2005

My daughter, Artemis, is ten and will start middle school next year. She was awarded the "Outstanding Writer" award based on her classmates vote as well as her teachers recommendation. I have included three of her poems written mainly to practice different poetic styles she was learning in fifth grade. All three poems are about war and its effect on all of us as human beings. It made me very sad when I first read them... sad, because I didn't know how much a war so remote to our lives can affect a ten-year old... I think the world would be a better place if more of us were affected in the same way, maybe then we would do more to rid the world of all wars. -- Mojgan

If war leads to peace
Why do we kill and the innocent die?
If war is OK
Why are kids dying sad deaths?
Why are we supporting war?

The rain turns into snow
And no one will explain to me
Why peace is far away
No one tells me the reason
Why we hurt ourselves this way

When We
Attack, kill, and
Ruin mother earth
With our guns
And weapons in high

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