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Remembering a blissful presence


Meenoo Chahbazi
March 27, 2005

How I long to see a glimmer
of those kaleidoscope fantasies
the alternating images of rainbows
and flowered tapestries that greeted me
in my childhood dreams
the fruition of my journey
flying on the swings in the playground
reaching towards the blue sky
with thoughts of the special words
my teachers painted in my mind

How I smile when I remember
my grandmother singing that
I am her child
holding her hand
I wander through the bazaar
savoring the mist
of roasted corn sold on the street

How my heart softens when I see
my grandfather's gentle smile
As we sit on the flowered tapestry
peeling fresh vegetables
and listening to radio tunes.

That elusive dream I blindly grab for
stares back at me
in the mirror of my memories
just wait
you will always see how complete life is
when "is" blossoms into "was"
but the wisdom of tomorrow's "was"
hums perfectly as "is" today.

Meenoo Chahbazi is as an attorney living in Washington, DC.

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