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Complementary mourning 84


Hossein Hashemi
March 27, 2005

None to refer
All but to defer
Lied past four seasons of a liar's year
Shuffled the terminated Shah through the gate
Gracefully dressed,
Fearfully in tears
The modern empire in bust
The father lay in dust
Yankee mores grew disproportionate
Swiss creed crippled the just
Nostalgic breed, indifference to must
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Royal resentment of the sibling's mustache
Digging instead the fast shaved Mustang
Mustafa Kamal rises to muezzin's bang
Ideology distorts reality of the gang
The intelligence regretfully reshuffled
America's rebel youths were baffled
The Persian head minister heads east from oil defeat
Amir's death-bath in the rose garden causes the feat
The Pahlavi northern castle's silvery guarded gates
The royally disloyal lofty white-barked trees
Stretching wide inside, cautiously whispering tales
Witnessing many untold and yet to come myths
Booming once, turned barren of leaves
Now waking by warm westerly breeze
The sleepy north Tehran high pass
Expensive expanses remain highly crossed paths
Frequented by those seeking hideous free public thugs
Where properties are closely watched by private bugs
In the name of the perished boots
By the name of the vanished roots
The complementary mourning
Ignites another Zoroastrian, a 12 hr late morning
The new habitat hosting humble shoots 
The well-behaved articulately disarranged
The rockers of the late Sinatra's New York nap
Wake up; it's the postmodern mediated chat
Not the kind of things in premodern wrap
Unprepared to be frank
Despots dislike this affair's rank
Imaginatively cloaked in not being upfront
Utopian are real mighty rats
Catching highly mobile classy urban cats
Cities, traffic, pushers, micro-plots
Words are uttered meaning macro-nil
Where the September council cries in yeah
To keep the dreamer boys at bay
The Martian is hushed out
Seeks another galactic beggars' lot
Sit not duck in a plot
Plowed the Venus' land found Precambrian tall plants
Recalled new living tales in tambourine pants 
Degraded be not, resist shove, on knees break bulls' balls
Broken, leaned on empty promises, same beats repeat
Lost in L.A.'s could've beens, tired of gleaning dried beans
Adios Mexican pot, normative plot, those cold eyes
Warm sun's beams, hot sauce on enchilada dish
Zapata is catching tortilla fish
In pulse is the revisited sat dish
Final falsity's beat repeats
Farewell those utopian cold past nights
Fading like a fart wherein cold wind bites
Hi, wandering spring days to be overcome
Deepening stagnation and thinning patience combine
Myriad past scars prevent to remain
Truly yours in any domain
The possibility for the familiar stabs
Deep sacrifice, ceremonial cuts
Against the wall, the odd butts
The corpse circled the vicious circle
Gazed at the Shakespearean 'baked meat'
Scavenger's excursion to a hastily held feast
Is it to hear the dry funeral drum?
Or, is it for Hamlet mom's wedding rum?
The corpse looked on the fraudulent act 
Encircled by the shadowy knights
To dig dignity to let fall from heights
Vultures! Stand to
Improperly Manufactured Power Seat
Back is ecclesiastic power machine
The rat-hole, the reversing tail wind
Home, sweet and sour profane torture dome
Keep watch on me, I left me, out powered but recharged
Bye, sweets of rah2meh on Yahoo
Bye all tall all-seasons trees
Noruz? Oh hi, good old public day
Paused the applause at the grocer's private way
Irani Pesos fully deployed for a Pepsi
Badly depressed retreats the madam pissed
Interest-free banking, the glory of distributive justice
Well-said as a well-done Persian all burglary
The old cried as the babe ran out of haste
All for the glory of the state
Tradition no longer trades for table's dish
Horizon spots falling ghosts petnapping a fish
For the glory of ordinary boots
Naked feet digging for edible roots
Complementary mourning's treasure boosts

March 1, 2005,

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