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Shahrzad Irani and Guive Mirfendereski
March 10, 2005

Believed not your love eternal,
Or your company forever;
Your kindness endless, or
To chase me from loneliness.

Fool I was for not believing

Now spring’s at my door,
Your love in my veins;
Your scent fills the day,
O, you color my life.
I am drunk with your kindness.

Cede my soul, I do, kindly
On faith I’ll follow you, blindly;
To where mine ends,
And your world begins.

I pledge my every breath,
To say your name;
Every thought of you,
To fill my minutes.

My salvation is at your mercy.

To prove my love, I’ll say,
Your name night and day;
Tellin’ you of my aches,
And then of my pains.

Reward me with peace and happiness.

Mired in day's routine,
I turn cold and alone I am,
What you had offered,
All that I needed, I abandoned.

I whisper not your name,
I keep my pledge not
Misery be my guest
Love so desired is not

Forgive me,
Dare I ask;
Heaven, dare I enter;
Redemption, will I have?

Resurrection, ashes of my soul,
Purified in flames of absolution;
Thousand times to cleanse my soul,
I shall set fires to recover your love.

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Shahrzad Irani

Guive Mirfendereski



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