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Zheila Nahvipour
November 12, 2005


Your name means fortunate
Yet you live an unfortunate life
Behrouz, go to sleep
Quit wasting your breath

You talk as if you are going somewhere
You never move.
I am tired Behrouz.
I am not in the mood.


Love Is Like

Love is like a Persian miniature
Frozen pose... she looks down to him
from her castle window
He looks up to her on his white horse...
her brave soldier - her hero
Paint a pretty picture
Let our love look like this forever....

I sleep to dream of love like this...

Our love is like a pomegrante
Bitter, sweet, and sour in one taste
It takes forever to peel apart
It takes forever to prepare
Sometimes I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach
I think I can eat it all...
but I am already full and tired half way there.

I waited so long, I imagined the taste
Finally my hard work has paid off
You are set there before me, perfectly prepared
My mouth watered waiting...

You took too long.
I must go now....
I apologize if you rot.

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