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Kimya Sarayloo
November 20, 2005

The truth was poison,

Bitter to the tongue,

toxic and hard to swallow.

So you lied.

Your lies borrowed from the pleasant,

From all that was tender to eyes and ears

To hide an acrid truth

And embrace deceit.

The lies, each ember of untruth, became your fantasy

To hide us from reality

You wrote fables of deception to comfort,

Each lie was a shield,

To fight the sword that was true

But I knew...

The lucidity in truth

In truth there was no pleasance, no fantasy

Truth held no comfort.

Bitterness was bona fide,

Something no shield could fight.

I knew, but still, I drank your lies...

I swallowed the toxins of untruth

To save you from a venomous truth:

The truth that I knew

       The truth that long ago I swallowed what was true,

before your lies swallowed me.

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