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Tehrani street fashion
Photo essay: Iranian youth fashion


Hushidar Mortezaie
October 26, 2005

Recently I went on my annual trip to Iran, but this this time instead of just hanging out at jomeh bazaar and the ever-trendy Milade Noor and Ghaem, I brought a camera with me to take pictures. So I created a fashion shoot (one of the first in a longwhile) using real Iranian beauties off the street and playing with archetypes.

Using my own designs mixed with Tehrani street fashions, I took the stereotypes of javadi, sonati, and punky -- among other things -- and created a new modern twist on Tehran youth. Out of this shoot came the metal messiah, high-rise namaz debutante, the tajiki googooshian, javadi fight club, manteau darling and the uptown koli.

All this was done in an ode to the gorgeous, unstoppable youth of Tehran who can use simple things such as roosari colors, manteau lenghts, hair gel, and rock tees to make brave and groundbreaking statements forcing our nation into the 21st century. So take a peek.

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