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Photo essay: Fashion, Spring-Summer 2006
Nina Ghaffari

Freedom deserves better
New York's "Freedom Tower"
Saman Ahmadi

Read my lips

Bahman Panahi

The Zip Tie Project
Plastic cable-ties installation at Jersey City Museum
Farsad Labbauf

Pierre Garroudi 2006
Fall/Winter collection catwalk

I am a believer
Trafalgar Square's improbable conclusion
Reza Aramesh

The compassionate, the merciful
Parvin Heydari Nassab

Godiva's luxurious looks
Godiva’s North American President’s Award goes to an Iranian-American designer Massoud Mansouri
Compiled by Hengameh Fouladvand

Fertile ground
Meisam Ashari

Fractured world
Video clips: Iranians in San Jose art show
Jahanshah Javid

Bani Adam
Shideh Tomy

Against the wind
Hanif Bahari

Stop. And think.
Public art project, Emeryville, California
Seyed Alavi

Flying carpet
Public art projects

Seyed Alavi

Grand design
Graphic design
Parsua Bashi

Eastern eyes
Mixed media
Parima Shahin Moghaddam

Shahrzad goes to Milan
Parsua Bashi

Making faces
Niki Koohpaima

Pieces of Parima
Parima Shahin Moghadam

Fluid times
Modern designs
Kamran K. Amid

All I can imagine now is sitting in the park this month admiring the silky saffron sways to the motion of the cool New York City air
Tala Dowlatshahi

European tour
Iranian women's fashion show
Afsane Reihanifard

Designer handwoven rugs and felts
Hassan Majd

Spiraling into oblivion
Frank Lloyd Wright's deteriorating masterpiece in Iran
By Nima Kasraie

Afsane's secret
Fashion designer
By Afsane Reihanifard

When in Iran do as the Brits do
Uneager to impress yet deeply impressive, the art I saw in Tehran conveyed originality, grace, and ... 'authenticity'
By Homa T. Nasab

Music & art
By Susie Ghahremani

Hall of reflections
Powerful, humane archive of Iranian immigration to the US
By Persis M. Karim

The missing
Tooba, the tree of life, must be controlled, kept in fear, scrutinized
By Torange Yeghiazarian

Peykan party
Nostalgic party posters in Los Angeles

By Amirali Parstabar

Tall, dark & Iranian
Photo essay: Model Yasmin Parvaneh Le Bon

Weapon of choice
Houman Mortazavi's art and ideas
By Elham Gheytanchi

Photo essay: Fashion
By Hushidar Mortezaie

Installations: A metaphor for loss
By Haleh Niazmand

Modern lines
Mehrdad Ghanimifard's Plexiglas art
By Farzad Fadai

Other ideas
Fashion in Iran: Photos & designs
By Atoosa Mozaffari

Sudden shift
By Bijan Rafaty

My real passion
By Arasch Zandieh

Digital mass
Visual effects
By Nader Davani

Dreams of speed
3D designs
By Mohammad Shahrokni

Where my heart is
I have what it takes to be a fashion designer
By Farahnaz Zolfaghari

Everything is possible
Fashion designs
Pierre Garroudi

Sign of the times
Architecture: Hotel Dariush, Kish
By Mehdi Ghaemi

Salt desert tree
Karl Momen leaves mark in Utah desert
By Fereydoun Hoveyda

The beauty of nothing
Bronze sculptures
By Parviz Tanavoli

Reconstructing dreams
B y A. Reza Rowhani

Houshang Seyhoun

Three thousand butterflies
Installations &...
By Seyed Alavi

Hard feelings
By Avideh Zahedi


Shirin Neshat

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