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Persian Prince
Dedicated to and in memory of Ali


Persian Princess
Ocotber 3, 2005

Ali was a young man in Iran. He was born in Tehran and went to college at the Islamic Open University. He was a wonderful person who had many friends, was loved by his family, and made everyone laugh. He was also very smart.

One day Ali and his best friend had planned to go mountain climbing. They had done it many times before and had gone with a group. That was Ali's last day. He and his best friend decided to go ahead of their group. As they were climbing Ali slipped on a loose rock and fell. His friend turned around to see what had happened for he heard a sound and also fell. Right after that a loose rock fell and had hit the group leader in the head, and he was the last to fall.

That day all three of them died. Ali had hit his head, as well as broken many bones. Ali was dead and so was his best friend. I do not know what became of the other person, except for he was also dead.

Ali's death caused greif to many. But it hurt his family the most. They are becoming better, but the pain of the death of this young man will never go away. I can imagine him right now, in heaven, watching us and making all the angels laugh with his jokes and cheerful attitude. I can see him there, by my grandmother and 2 grandfathers, watching me, and the rest of our family, smiling at us and everytime I think of him, I really do believe he was a real Persian prince, for he was smart, sweet, and a wonderful person, everything a true Persian prince should be:

Persian Princess, you gave me that name,

And since that beautiful day, I've never been the same,

Why a princess, not a goddess or queen?

Why not my sweet, or like a rose, so lovely and serene,

No, princess is what you called me, but how did you know,

That name, with me, would go?

How could you tell a princess I would be,

The very first moment that you saw me?

How did you know when and why I would smile,

For with even my parents, it would take a while?

You were there from my birth and when I was five,

The wonders you showed me have kept me alive,

From then on, for the next ten years,

I never shed any painful tears,

Until the day, so dark and blue,

The ring and I knew it was because of you,

The hurtful words "he passed away"

Made me feel as if I couldn't live even one more day,

Those gorgeous azure eyes I would never see again,

And the loss of your smile just caused me way too much pain,

And in that moment, at the beginning, and I knew ever since,

I was your Persian princess, because you were my Persian prince.

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